7 març, 2022

Condena del Comité Internacional de la LECE a la invasión rusa de Ucrania

La Junta del Comité Español de la LECE felicita y se suma a la declaración del Comité Internacional de la LECE de condena a la invasión rusa de Ucrania.

La Junta del Comité Español de la LECE felicita al Comite Internacional de la LECE por su declaración de condena de la Invasion de Ucrania por Rusia, y manifiesta su plena adhesion a su contenido, que pondrá en conocimiento a las Autoridades, a la sociedad y a la opinion publica.

Este es el texto de la declaración:

Position of ELEC on Ukraine

Europe is a project for peace, based on democracy, human rights, and rule of law. The use of violence to solve a political conflict is totally unacceptable.

We, the representatives of all of ELEC’s National Sections and members of the ELEC Central Council, strongly condemn the Russian military invasion in Ukraine.

This invasion, which is becoming a more and more brutal aggression, is totally illegal under international law. It was unprovoked and therefore completely unjustified.

After the illegal and illegitimate annexation of Crimea, the Russian Federation’s current action violates the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence of the Republic of Ukraine, in flagrant contradiction with Russia’s obligations as member of the OSCE and of the United Nations Organization and as guarantor of Ukraine’s security under the Budapest Agreement on Security Assurances of December 1994.

This is a war in which many innocent people have already lost their lives and more will die and suffer. Also, this is a war which will lead to unprecedented economic disruptions for Europe and all over the world and much more people will suffer economically for the unforeseeable future.

We support the efforts for negotiations and stand for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire from both sides, followed by a full withdrawal of the Russian troops from the Ukrainian territory.

United in our differences we, Europeans, realize more than ever that we need to stand strong and develop a European Defense Union.

The Ukrainians, through the courageous defense of their democracy, are demonstrating their attachment to European values and deserve our full support for their country’s accession to the EU.

Representatives of ELEC National Sections and members of the ELEC Central Council.

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