As a forum for analysis and reflection, the Spanish Committee of the LECE organizes activities in different formats: colloquium-luncheons, meetings, seminars, conferences, institutional events and other initiatives with the following objectives:


The Spanish Committee of LECE is organizing monthly colloquium-luncheons on current issues within the EU in which speakers of recognized prestige associated with European institutions are invited. During the last year we have participated in our symposiums representatives of the EMMI - responsible for the Euribor -, the European Union negotiation in the TTIP with the United States, the DG for Taxes and Customs Union of the European Commission, or the Secretary of State for the EU, Jorge Toledo Albiñana, among others.
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The deepening in specific issues related to the political-economic sphere is concretized in conferences and meetings organized together with other entities. Experts and representatives of other European Bodies related to the issue of discussion are also invited to participate.
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Other Activities

In addition to the participation of the Spanish Committee in the Councils and Commissions of the International LECE, every year the same Committee organizes and participates in events linked to the development of the European Union. Among these activities, the most relevant is the breakfast-discussion where the priorities of the presidency of the Council of the EU are presented in an act with the ambassador in Spain of the corresponding country.
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28 January, 2020

Almuerzo-Coloquio con el Presidente del Comité Portugués de la LECE, Sr. António Martins da Cruz

Europa y China, ¿socios o competidores? Este será el tema que abordará el que fuera ministro de Negocios Extranjeros para las Comunidades Europeas de Portugal, y actual presidente del Comité Portugués de la LECE, Sr. António Martins da Cruz, en el próximo Almuerzo-Coloquio del Comité Español de la LECE.

HORA: 13.30h
LUGAR: Círculo Ecuestre, c/ Balmes 169, Barcelona
ORGANIZA: Comité Español de la LECE

In recent years, the Spanish Committee of the LECE has organized more than 150 activities.